Which Is Better — Using Dumbbells & Free Weights or Machines in Albuquerque?

Hey there home workout enthusiasts! Do you prefer workout machines or dumbbells and free weights? Albuquerque fitness retailer, The Fitness Superstore, weighs in!

Are They Equally Effective?

Both machines and free weights can be equally effective for a targeted workout, if that’s what fits with your workout goals. Machines provide a resting place and a fixed motion. If it’s shoulder day, the shoulder press puts most of the resistance on your shoulders.

If you want to work more of your body and distribute the muscle work more evenly for an efficient and effective workout, you should choose dumbbells and free weights. Albuquerque fitness retailer, The Fitness Superstore, has a huge current inventory and the best low-price guarantee in the industry for all of your home workout needs.

Which One Fits Your Regimen?

Machines work best for a targeted routine when you’re trying to only condition a specific muscle group. As a workout novice, starting on fitness machines will automatically give you the form and movement, showing you how it should feel to work certain muscle groups.

For the intermediate fitness enthusiast, you’re likely to be happier with the free weights and dumbbells as the primary force behind your workout while supplementing with machine exercises when needed.

So, What’s the Bottom Line?

If you’re new to the gym floor, you may find the machines are a better fit for you at this stage. They direct your movements and help you learn good form as you operate them.

If you’re more interested in the freedom of movement, free weights and dumbbells allow for more flexibility in your workout and would be the better choice. They’re also more versatile and accessible for a home workout.

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