Albuquerque Experts Dispel Stair Stepper Myths

Albuquerque Experts Dispel Stair Stepper Myths

Albuquerque Experts Dispel Stair Stepper Myths

A stair stepper (or stair climber) machine offers numerous benefits. It’s easy to use, maximizes your workouts, and strengthens your lower body all in one. Unfortunately, myths surrounding this equipment keep some people from using it.

The experts at The Fitness Superstore in Albuquerque want to dispel these stair stepper myths. We hope our insights make you more confident about this machine’s safety and benefits.

Myth: The stair stepper is the only lower body workout you need.

A stair stepper tones and exercises many muscle groups:

  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Calves
  • Core

Despite providing a total lower body workout, the stair stepper must be supplemented with resistance training. Resistance training helps you build strength and supports lean muscle.

Try incorporating running, cycling, or swimming into your routine to complete your lower-body workout.

Myth: The stair stepper doesn’t provide a good cardio workout.

Stair steppers provide strength training and cardio workout benefits all in one machine.

At a minimum, they offer a low-impact cardio workout just by using the machine. To increase your cardio workout on a stair stepper, try varying the speed and intensity during your workout. This can help improve your stamina and cardiovascular strength.

Myth: The stair stepper makes your leg muscles look too big.

The stair stepper can actually do the opposite. This machine can be used to tone your muscles and make your legs look leaner.

After using a stair climber, your legs may feel bigger. That’s because your body rushes blood and oxygen to the muscles used. As your muscles recover, that feeling goes away.

If your goal is to build larger leg muscles, add weight resistance to your workout regime.

Myth: The stair stepper is hard on your knees.

If you already have knee pain and damage to your knee joints, then a stair stepper won’t be a good workout machine for you. It may increase the pain or further injure your joints.

For those without preexisting knee issues, a stair stepper won’t create knee problems when used correctly. In fact, a stair climber is easier on your knees because you’re only climbing up. Climbing down stairs puts more strain on your knees than climbing up.

When using any equipment for the first time, it’s essential to take it slow. This helps you focus on the proper form required to perform the exercise correctly.

Using the correct form on the stair stepper enables you to avoid injury:

  • Focus on using your hamstrings and glutes, not just your calves.
  • Press your heels down so they touch the stairs when you’re stepping down.
  • Keep the stairs from raising or lowering completely to keep your knees from locking or overextending.

Myth: The stair stepper doesn’t work the entire body.

When correctly using the stair stepper, it provides a full-body workout.

You may already know that it engages every muscle in your lower body, but it also works your core muscles. Your core engages to help you balance, while your lower abs activate when lifting your legs.

Furthermore, if you’re swinging your arms instead of leaning on the rails, you’re also using your upper body.

Not only does a stair stepper provide strength training, but it also provides cardio. This helps you burn calories throughout your body.

Myth: The stair stepper is boring.

Any exercise regime is susceptible to becoming boring. It signals that something needs to change in your routine to reengage your muscles and reinvigorate your workout.

Many stair steppers come with preset programs. Try using one of those programs, or try using a new one.

If you’re looking to advance your stair-stepping regime, try implementing high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT uses periods of high-intensity movements followed by short periods of low-intensity movements. To incorporate this into a stair-stepping routine, try using a combination of different movements:

  • Slow steps
  • Side steps
  • Double steps
  • Sprints
  • Reverse steps

HIIT brings the excitement back to your stair-stepping routine and provides the benefits of a longer workout in a shorter amount of time.

Also, look at the resistance training exercises you use to supplement your stair stepping. It may be time to switch those up as well. Instead of running, try swimming or cycling.

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How to Pick a Treadmill.

How to Pick a Treadmill

How to Pick a Treadmill.

If you’re looking for a new home treadmill, use this guide to help you find the perfect one. Our guide covers what features to look for when browsing treadmills in Albuquerque and how to save time and money in the process. With your ideal treadmill, losing weight sensibly, enjoying exercises despite bad weather, and making fitness part of your daily routine will become a breeze!

Within this guide, we will give you four easy guidelines that will help you efficiently shop for treadmills. We’ll also discuss some of the key features of treadmills to help you choose the best machine to suit your needs. By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped to choose the best brand and model of treadmill for your fitness goals.

Considerations When Buying a Treadmill

Floor Space and Treadmill Size

When choosing the right treadmill for your home, you must consider where the machine will go and how much space you’ll have for it. We recommend measuring your intended floor space and comparing it to the dimensions of any treadmills you’re considering.

It’s also important to take into account how much space your treadmill will give you for your intended uses of it. A general recommendation for runners is to purchase a treadmill with a wide belt of 22″ and a length of 55″. A belt width of 20″ and a minimum length of 50″ is sufficient for walkers.

When you have an idea of how much space you have, you can then look at the exact size dimensions of the machines and decide whether a standard or foldable treadmill will be best for your home.

Intended Workouts

Next, you should consider what kind of workouts you’ll be using your machine for. If you plan on frequent intense runs, you’ll need a higher-powered motor to support your workouts. Make sure to look at your treadmill’s continuous horsepower (CHP) to determine the best treadmill for you. CHP tells you how much power a motor can continuously produce, not just what it produces at its peak. Our recommendations for those weighing up to 200 pounds are as follows:

  • Walking – 2.0 CHP or more
  • Jogging – 2.5 CHP or more
  • Running – 3.0 CHP or more

We recommend adding an additional 0.5 CHP for anyone above 200 pounds to help avoid wearing out your treadmill too quickly.


It’s important to set a price range before you begin shopping so you know what you’re working with. Treadmill prices can range from $1000 to over $7500, so knowing your must-haves and non-negotiables within your budget will be very useful.

Treadmills closer to the $1,000 range typically have short warranties, noisier belts, minimal workout programming, and aren’t ideal for frequent use. Around the $2,000 range, you can often catch some sales that will land you some good workout programs, an LCD screen or 7-inch touchscreen, speakers, an AUX port, and modest power inclines.

Treadmills near the $5,000 range are similar to those in gyms or health clubs and are ideal for homes with multiple treadmill users or frequent runners. These machines also feature higher-quality belts that require less maintenance and have better cushioning that provides comfort to users. Luxury and premium treadmills over $3,000 are great for marathon runners or anyone with a larger budget who wants to enjoy daily exercise at all intensities. These machines feature higher maximum speeds, high sound and shock absorption, large web-enabled touch screens, and even fitness test programming in addition to the included workout programs.

Necessary Features

Many treadmills nowadays come with various special features, but not all of them may be useful for your personal fitness goals. It’s important to decide which features will truly help to improve your exercise experience and keep you motivated.

Here are some popular features to consider when you’re shopping for your own treadmill:

1. Incline – Treadmills with an automated incline feature can simulate outdoor running by varying your run. It’s a great feature that can challenge you or make exercising easier on your joints.

2. Programmed Workouts – Many treadmills now offer pre-programmed workouts for users to be able to follow certain speeds and inclines. However, each treadmill will vary in the workouts offered. These built-in workouts usually add to the overall cost, so be sure you will utilize this feature before finalizing your buying decision.

3. Extra Features – Other additional features to consider are water bottle holders, fans, phone or tablet holders, touch screens, pulse readers, heart rate monitors, emergency stop features, Bluetooth capability, and TVs.

Looking for Treadmills in Albuquerque? Call The Fitness Superstore!

If you’re still unsure of the best treadmill for your needs, get in touch with one of our friendly staff members today! We can help you choose the most fitting machine for your fitness goals. With our huge inventory and the best low-price guarantee in the industry, The Fitness Superstore is guaranteed to have your perfect treadmill.

The Importance of Equipment Maintenance.

The Importance of Equipment Maintenance

The Importance of Equipment Maintenance.

It is important to maintain your fitness equipment to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Regularly cleaning and inspecting your equipment can prevent small problems from becoming larger, more expensive ones. Additionally, maintaining your fitness equipment will help you get the most out of your workout by ensuring it is working properly.

The Fitness Superstore in Albuquerque offers a wide variety of fitness accessories to help you maintain your equipment. From cleaning solutions to replacement parts, we have everything you need to keep your fitness equipment in top condition. We also offer used and refurbished exercise equipment, so you can get the gear you need at a fraction of the cost. Stop by today to check out our selection!

Tips for Upkeeping Your Fitness Equipment

Regular maintenance of your fitness equipment is crucial to keep it in good working condition and prolong its lifespan. Here are some tips on how to take care of your gym equipment:

Read the manual

Each fitness machine comes with a manual. Be sure to read it after purchasing a machine, as it will have instructions on how often maintenance should be scheduled. You can also create a schedule for your staff to take care of maintenance regularly.

Keep it clean

Always make it a point to keep your gym equipment and fitness accessories clean. Not everyone wipes down the equipment after use, which can lead to prematurely damaged equipment. In addition to removing germs, wiping sweat off equipment will help prevent rusting and damage to any steel components of your machines. Also be sure to wipe all machines down with mild soap and water to prevent the spread of germs. Note that disinfectants can be harsh and damage grips and screens on fitness equipment, so we advise sticking to gentle cleaners such as Simple Green.

Avoid overuse

The overuse of fitness machines could also lead to a breakdown of machines. Observe equipment for signs of wear and tear and have them repaired or replaced as needed. Regular maintenance will help keep your gym in good shape and keep users happy and healthy!

How to Properly Maintain Your Fitness Equipment

If you want to prolong the life of your fitness equipment and keep it in good working order, here are a few tips on how to properly care for it:

– Clean your fitness equipment after every use. Wipe down machines and equipment with a clean cloth or mild cleaning products like Simple Green to prevent the spread of germs and rusting of steel components.
– Inspect your fitness equipment regularly. Check for loose bolts, tears in upholstery, and worn-out parts.
– Replace fitness equipment that is worn out or no longer functioning properly.
– Store fitness equipment in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Following these simple tips can help keep your fitness equipment in top shape for years to come.

The Benefits of Regular Equipment Maintenance for Your Fitness Accessories in Albuquerque

Taking care of your fitness equipment is important to keep it operating properly and safely, in addition to extending the life of your equipment.

Here are some benefits of regularly maintaining your fitness equipment:

1.  Safety – fitness equipment that is not properly maintained can pose a serious safety hazard. Regular maintenance can help to identify and fix potential safety issues before they cause an accident.

2. Performance – fitness equipment that is not properly maintained will not perform as well as it should. Regular maintenance can help to keep your equipment operating at peak performance and help you get the most out of your workouts.

3. Extended Life – fitness equipment that is properly maintained will last longer than equipment that is not. Regular maintenance can help to identify and fix potential problems before they cause major or irreversible damage to your equipment.

Visit The Fitness Superstore for Your New, Used, and Refurbished Fitness Accessories in Albuquerque

Overall, it is very important to take care of your fitness equipment. Luckily for you, The Fitness Superstore has a team of experienced and certified technicians who can perform a variety of maintenance and repair services. We also offer a wide selection of fitness equipment in Albuquerque, including new, used, and refurbished exercise equipment.

In addition to our huge selection, The Fitness Superstore also has the best-low-price guarantee in the industry for fitness equipment in Albuquerque. For more information about our fitness accessories in Albuquerque or to schedule a service appointment, contact us today!

We Know All About Home Gyms in Albuquerque

Are you an Albuquerque resident looking to transform your fitness routine? At The Fitness Superstore, we have a massive selection of home gym exercise equipment in Albuquerque perfect for anyone looking to get fit in the comfort of their home. Our exercise equipment store has the best low-price guarantee in the industry, with the best exercise equipment in town!

Here, we’ll explain why every Albuquerque resident should have a home gym, how to set up the best home gym possible for your space, and explore the best home gym equipment.

What are the benefits of workout machines for homes?

Having an at-home gym comes with many benefits. 


One of the primary advantages of having home gym equipment is convenience. You can exercise whenever you want without being limited by gym hours or commuting time. You don’t have to wait for someone to get off a machine or feel pressured to move on. 

This flexibility and comfort can lead to a more consistent workout routine.

Time and Cost Savings

While the initial cost might be high, buying home workout equipment will be more cost-effective than a gym membership, especially considering membership fees and transportation costs. You also save time by not having to commute back and forth.


Some people prefer the privacy of working out at home, away from the potential judgment of others. This can make trying new exercises and pushing yourself feel more comfortable without worrying about feeling self-conscious during your workout.


You have complete control over the gym equipment you choose to include in your home gym. This allows you to tailor your gym’s setup to your fitness goals and preferences without re-adjusting it every time you use your workout equipment.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

You have control over the cleanliness of your home gym, which can be reassuring in times of health concerns. Since you’re likely not sharing gym equipment with others, you’ll also reduce the risk of exposure to germs.

What is the best basic home gym equipment to start with?

One of the main issues with home gyms is the amount of space your home has available. The best exercise equipment for home gyms is compact and versatile. 

Below are some examples of ideal home equipment for fitness.

Gym Floor Mat

A gym floor mat is a home gym essential. Gym floor mats provide a protective layer between your exercise equipment and the floor. They prevent scratches, dents, and other damage when heavy equipment is placed directly on the floor. 

These mats also help stabilize heavy equipment, such as weight benches, treadmills, and squat racks. This prevents equipment from shifting during use, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. 

Before placing any equipment, getting a gym floor mat is highly recommended.

Cardio Equipment

A small space cardio machine is an excellent addition to any home gym. Ellipticals and stationary bikes are exceptionally cost-effective and space-efficient equipment options. You also can’t go wrong with a compact, classic treadmill. 

If you’re in search of a cardio machine to add to your home gym, The Fitness Superstore offers the best small-space workout machines for sale in Albuquerque!

Strength Equipment

If you’re interested in adding weights to your home gym, a dumbbell set is excellent to start with. Dumbbells are incredibly versatile and can be used for various strength training exercises targeting different muscle groups. Compact racks and benches can also help to save space. 

How to set up a home gym? 

Setting up a home gym is relatively painless. Below are some factors you’ll want to consider when setting up your gym.

Choosing A Suitable Space

Selecting the ideal workout space is essential for your home gym. It’s all about finding an area with ample room and good ventilation—think spare bedrooms, basements, garages, or even a dedicated corner. Make sure the flooring can handle the weight and stress of your equipment without a hitch. 

Determining Your Budget

Creating a budget is another vital step in establishing your home gym. Determine your investment limit for equipment, flooring, and accessories, aligning it with your fitness goals. A well-defined budget should guide your purchases and prevent overspending.

Prioritizing Safety

For a safe workout environment, invest in proper flooring to minimize injury risk and equipment damage. Secure your gym equipment to prevent accidents, keep a first-aid kit and emergency contact nearby, and regularly inspect your home gym equipment for wear and tear.

Selecting Equipment

Optimizing your home gym equipment selection begins with aligning your choices with your fitness goals and workout preferences. To make the most of your space and resources, prioritize versatile home gym exercise equipment options.

The most critical thing to know about setting up a home gym is where to get your equipment. It’s highly recommended that you get your equipment from a specialty store over a box store. A specialty store focuses on specific product categories, while a box store is a large retail establishment focusing on many goods.

Specialty stores also tend to carry higher quality products than box stores and have a more extensive selection of the products you’re looking for. While pricing may be cheaper at big box stores, the quality is often sacrificed.

Specialty stores typically have a more knowledgeable staff to help you find the right equipment. Specialty stores also offer better service, both before and after the sale. They want to ensure that you’re happy with your purchase and will often provide more personalized service.

The Fitness Superstore is Albuquerque’s top specialty store for exercise equipment. We offer quality workout equipment for sale and can provide expert tips on setting up your home gym.

Shop With Us for the Best Home Gym Exercise Equipment in Albuquerque

Here at The Fitness Superstore, we offer everything you need to start your fitness journey. Not only that, but we offer Albuquerque residents the best home gym equipment for sale at affordable prices. From treadmills to dumbbells, our friendly staff can recommend the ideal exercise equipment for your lifestyle, space, and budget.

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Stair Steppers Albuquerque

Stair Stepper Workout Benefits

Stair Steppers Albuquerque

Stair steppers in Albuquerque are a great way to get a workout in. They offer many benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, increased muscle tone, and weight loss. The best stair steppers in Albuquerque can be found at The Fitness Superstore. The Fitness Superstore has a huge inventory and offers the best low-price guarantee in the industry, so you can be sure to find the perfect piece of equipment for your workout needs.

Different Types of Stair Stepper Workout Machines

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’re a seasoned pro, we have a stair stepper machine for you. From basic models to machines with all the bells and whistles, we have what you’re looking for. Not sure which stair stepper is right for you? Our helpful staff would be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect machine for your needs.

The Stairmaster

The Stairmaster is a workout machine with the same functionality as a treadmill, but instead of walking or running, it mimics climbing up sets of stairs. Stair climbing is a great workout for your legs and butt, and stair steppers are a great way to get that workout. The Stairmaster at The Fitness Superstore offers a variety of stair steppers to fit your needs, whether you’re just starting or you’re a seasoned veteran.

The Stairmaster also has a variety of features to keep you motivated and help you achieve your fitness goals. The stair steppers at The Fitness Superstore come with a screen to track your heart rate, pace, time, etc. You can also listen to your favorite songs or watch movies while you exercise.

The Benefits of Stair Stepper Workouts

Stair Stepper workouts offer a range of benefits for your overall health and fitness. Here are some of those benefits explained:

Tone Your Muscles

The stair climber is a great way to tone your muscles and help with body fat. It can also help improve your cardiovascular health. The machine allows you to perform a wide range of motions to hit various muscle groups. It’s excellent to hit the zones where body fat tends to accumulate the most (like hips and belly). Long-term training with repetitive motions is effective in building a slim body. Stair climbers are thus an ideal workout choice for people looking to improve their health and physical appearance.

Strengthen Your Core

When it comes to working out, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you’re looking for a workout that will not only help you tone your legs but also strengthen your core, then a stair stepper is a great option. Stair steppers provide a low-impact workout that is ideal for those who are looking to avoid putting too much stress on their joints. In addition, stair steppers are a great way to tone your abs and lower back.

Strengthen Your Joints and Bones

Stair steppers are low impact, which means that they are gentle on your joints. This is beneficial for people of all ages, as it allows you to avoid excessive stress on your joints. Furthermore, stair steppers can help to strengthen your bones. This is because they provide resistance against gravity, which can help to increase bone density.

Lose Weight

Climbing stairs is more efficient than plain walking. Every ten steps on the machine are equal to 38 steps on the ground. You’re able to burn up to 300 calories per 30 minutes on the stepper. An hour of working out can lead to losing up to 600 calories, which is an impressive weight loss!

The Fitness Superstore Has All of Your Stair Stepper Needs in Albuquerque Covered!

If you’re looking for stair steppers in Albuquerque, look no further than The Fitness Superstore. We have a huge inventory and offer the best prices. We carry a wide selection of stair steppers from top fitness brands, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your workout routine. Let our experts help you choose the right model for your needs and budget.

So, give us a call, or come on in and check out our selection today!