Peloton® Studio Cycling Alternatives

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We’ve all seen the ads – Peloton® is the most highly advertised fitness product since the Bowflex. Studio cycling is a great activity and Peloton® is the best known studio cycle on the market. Cost and monthly service fees have put the Peloton® out of reach of many consumers. But there are several GREAT choices that offer superior quality cycles and highly motivational class content.

Several other manufacturers make studio cycles that offer the smoothness, adjustability, and durability of the Peloton® for much lower prices. And, yes, we even have higher quality bikes that cost less. Our Echelon Fitness Cycle and Rower selection offers a terrific blend of Value and flat out Superior quality.

The content and motivational classes offered by Peloton® are its best feature. And you can get that same content on your own wireless device at great monthly savings. And, other content providers provide the same studio class experience free or for a small fee. Our helpful staff members are happy to explain the different motivational experiences available at huge savings.

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Let our experienced staff help you understand key features of quality studio cycles that offer superior features and value to the well-known Peloton® studio cycles. Our staff will show you how to achieve the same motivational classes at huge savings.

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We know you have choices if you are considering a Peloton® – good for you – but make the time to come to one of our stores or visit our website. We promise to make your visit worthwhile.