Dumbbells and free weight

Your Complete Guide to Dumbbells

Dumbbells and free weight

If you want to get in shape, build muscle, or tone your body, dumbbells are an essential tool in your fitness arsenal. Dumbbells are versatile, easy to use, and can be incorporated into various exercises to target different muscle groups.

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We’ll go over everything you need to know about dumbbells, including differences in quality and materials, fixed versus adjustable dumbbells, and the advantages and disadvantages of buying used dumbbells.

Differences in Materials

When shopping for dumbbells, you’ll notice that many different options are available in terms of materials.


Some dumbbells are made from iron as one solid piece or as an adjustable unit. Iron dumbbells are typically the most durable and long-lasting but can also be more expensive.

Despite their durability, iron dumbbells are susceptible to oxidation and rust, making them less ideal for outdoor gyms in humid climates. That’s why many choose stainless steel or powder-coated sets.

Stainless Steel

Like iron, stainless steel dumbbells are durable and last many years. These dumbbells also come as a fixed solid piece or as adjustable units. Unlike iron, they are also rust-resistant, making them a more popular choice for home gyms and fitness centers.


Powder-coated dumbbells are usually steel dumbbells coated in vinyl or neoprene. These dumbbells offer enhanced durability against dings and scratches. Since the entire unit is coated, you’ll only find them as fixed units.

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Plastic Sand-Filled

Plastic sand-filled dumbbells are the cheapest on the market and come as a fixed unit. They are the least durable and susceptible to breaking and cracking. While these may be a good choice for beginners and those exploring weightlifting, they won’t be good for those investing in this type of workout.

Differences in Quality

It’s best to buy iron, steel, or powder-coated sets when looking for dumbbells that will last for many years. They can easily withstand being dropped without being damaged.

These types of dumbbells also offer more accurate weight measurements, meaning that each unit’s stated weight will be exactly or more closely to what the dumbbell actually weighs.

Plastic sand-filled dumbbells are the least durable and have the best chance of becoming damaged when dropped. They can also be the least accurate regarding the label matching the actual weight of the dumbbell.

Differences Between Fixed and Adjustable Dumbbells

Another factor to consider is whether to go with fixed or adjustable dumbbells.

Fixed Dumbbells

Fixed dumbbells are a traditional option where each dumbbell has a set weight that can’t be adjusted. You can tell the difference because they come as one solid unit.

Fixed dumbbells are a great choice if you know the weight you need and don’t plan on changing it.

Adjustable Dumbbells

If you want more versatility in your workout and the ability to adjust the weight as you progress, adjustable dumbbells may be a better choice. Adjustable dumbbells can be changed to different weights, making them a more cost-effective and space-saving option.

Adjustable dumbbells usually come in 2 variations. The first consists of a steel bar where weight plates can be added to increase the weight. The second type is commonly called a turn and crank or powerblock.

These work by having the weights sit in a base. You would then turn the dial or insert a pin to your desired weight and lift the dumbbell out of the base. Your chosen weight lifts out of the base while leaving the remaining weights behind.

Differences Between New and Used Dumbbells

Finally, when shopping for dumbbells, you must decide whether to buy new or used ones. New dumbbells will typically come with a warranty and are guaranteed to be in good condition. They can also be more expensive.

Used dumbbells can be a more affordable option, but they may not be in the best condition and may not come with a warranty. It’s best to avoid buying used plastic sand-filled dumbbells due to their fragility.

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